Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshops run from 8:30-12 or 1:00-4:30 or all day.

8:30-4:30  The Personal Meets the Political in Critical Therapy (CEUs AVAILABLE) Flyer 

The critical therapist is one who develops a mode of praxis that engages the patient in a dialectical process by which the patient begins to vocalize and give shape to an interpretation of the world that identifies his/her oppression. The goal of therapy is not just analysis, or adaptation of the individual to an oppressive system. The goal is liberation.


Teaching the Psychology of Women, Gender, and Sex:

8:30 Teaching the Psychology of Women in the Age of Trump and #MeToo (CEUs AVAILABLE)

We will engage in discussions of how psychology of women has changed post Trump related to sexual harassment/violence. Participants will engage in a number of activities that they will be able to use in their classes. Feminist themes such as intersectionality, global perspectives, and social activism will be emphasized.

1:00 Tools for Teachers of Psychology of Women & Gender: Helping Students Develop Intersectional Perspectives and Critical Thinking Skills (CEUs AVAILABLE)

In this interactive workshop, we will share ideas about how to discuss complicated and often politically-charged issues without relying on reductionist simple answers. As part of this, we’ll demonstrate how, even when available data is analyzed, not all issues have easy answers, and this requires teachers to discuss ethical decision-making.


1:00 Having the Talk-Walking the Walk: Police Violence Toward Black Citizens, Implications for Mental Health & Psychotherapy (CEUs AVAILABLE)

Note that the Women of Color Caucus is presenting a workshop led by Dr. Beverly Greene on Thursday afternoon. One doesn’t need to pre-register for this workshop as one does for the other pre-conference workshops. The presenters will be taking $25 per person at the door and nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. Departing from previous conferences, this pre-conference workshop invites White Women to also attend. There will be a separate White Women Unlearning Racism event later in the conference as well.

Having the Talk and Walking the Walk: Exploring Sequelae of State-Sponsored Violence Against Black Americans and Implications for Mental Health.   Considerations for Psychotherapy. 

Dr. Beverly Greene,  Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, Professor of PsychologyChristina Pasley-Bailey,  Associate Director of Administration for Interdisciplinary Programs, Rutgers University; Dr. Frances Trotman, Licensed Practicing Psychologist and Professor of Psychology,(Retired) Monmouth University; Alicia Parker, Detective Lt. Cmdr, NYC Police Force (Retired),  Founding Director of Security, ESPN Communications Worldwide(Retired).

The presenters will explore the complex realities and psychological challenges confronting Black families in the continued nightmare of state-sponsored violence expressed in police brutality and disproportionate Black deaths that result. They will discuss the psychological challenges to optimal mental health that historical and contemporary African American families face. A particular focus is on women who face as wives/partners of Black men and mothers of black children, particularly Black boys in the face of continued police brutality and the structured genocide of widespread incarceration. 


1:00 Older Women's Caucus Annual Pre-Conference Workshop

This will be our 5th annual pre-conference workshop. Getting older and facing retirement generates practical and emotional challenges. We will share our experiences in the past year and then break into small groups for in-depth discussion on grieving losses, maintaining political activism, and navigating retirement transitions.