AWP Archive

The Association for Women in Psychology maintains an archive at the Center for the History of Psychology at the University of Ohio in Akron. AWP’s archival collection—comprised of photographs, meeting minutes, correspondence, conference materials, sound recordings, and videos—tells the story of AWP from its founding in 1969 to the present. These materials help preserve the history of the organization for scholars now and in the future.

Examples of materials that can be archived: 
  • Photographs, videos, and sound recordings from AWP conferences, meetings, committee gatherings, social events, etc. 
  • Correspondence, meeting minutes, notes, unpublished papers that document the history of AWP
  • Ephemera from AWP, including brochures, artwork, pamphlets, posters, etc. 
Materials currently archived can be accessed here:

If you have materials that you think may be relevant, please contact AWP's archivist, Mala Matacin at