Christine Blasey-Ford

Established in 2019, the Christine Blasey-Ford Woman of Courage Award was established to recognize and celebrate feminist leaders who have demonstrated the quality of political courage in standing up and speaking truth to power, in order to take action against injustice, discrimination, or harm. The inaugural award was presented to Christine Blasey-Ford at the 50th Annual Association for Women in Psychology Conference in Newport, RI.  



2024 - Sherry L. Hamby
2023 - Laura Brown
2022 - Melinda Garcia
2021 - Jennifer Freyd [Press Release]

Eligibility and Nomination Process:

Any individual who has acted on a local or national level is eligible.  Nominations will be solicited from AWP members, and the winner will be selected by the CBF award committee.  There will be no direct fiscal implications for AWP. Fundraising for this award will be done by the CBF award committee, and funds allowing, the award will include $250. The financial component of this award is contingent on the existence of the CBF committee’s endowment.  The announcement will be made at the AWP annual conference at a time determined in consultation with the conference planning committee.


Submissions or Questions:

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