Christine Ladd-Franklin


Eligibility and Nominations:


The award is named in honor of Christine Ladd-Franklin (1847-1930), an early scientist whose career provided a painful example of the way institutional sexism operated to exclude women from careers in psychology and the sciences. Although Ladd-Franklin completed the work for a Ph.D. in mathematics and logic at Johns Hopkins University in 1882, the university would not confer the degree because she was a woman. Ladd-Franklin continued her experimental work, without the benefits of the terminal degree or official institutional recognition, and made several important contributions to the literature on vision.

In 1926, forty-four years later, Johns Hopkins did award her the Ph.D. for the work she completed in 1882. (Biography based on information from Sheehy, N., Chapman, A. J., & Conroy, W. [Eds.]. [1997]. Biographical dictionary of psychology. NY: Routledge.

The Christine Ladd-Franklin (CLF) Award is presented annually by the AWP Implementation Collective (IMPs) to a member who has made significant and extensive contributions to the AWP.

According to award criteria, "...Such contributions can include service on the Implementation Collective or as a Conference Coordinator, a Caucus Coordinator, or special projects contributor. The Individual should have been a member of AWP for at least five years, and service should be noted over at least a three-year (not necessarily continuous) period.The award need not be granted in any given year if the Implementation Collective deems that there are no viable candidates.The award is announced at the annual conference of AWP."

Deadline: Not Applicable

Submissions or Questions: Collective Coordinator

Past Recipients

2024: Cat Thompson
2023 Clare Mehta
2022 Nic Johnson & Cara Herbitter
2021 Karol Dean
2020 Britney Brinkman
2019 Mary Zahm
2018  Amorie Robinson

2017 Tiffany O'Shaughnessy
2016 Christine Smith
2015 Radhika Sehgal
2014 Rebecca LaFleur
2013 Diane Hall
2012 Donna Hawxhurst
2011 Ellen Halpern
2010 Alicia Lucksted
2009 Sharon Siegel
2008 Oliva Espín
2007 Patricia Rozee
2006 Paula Caplan & Lisa Cosgrove
2005 Lynn H. Collins
2004 Angela Gillem
2003 Nina Nabors
2002 Mary Hayden
2001 Michele C. Boyer
2000 Susan L. Morrow
1999 Kat Quina
1998 Maryka Biaggio
1997 Maureen McHugh
1996 Joan Chrisler
1995 Ruth Hall
1994 Leonore Tiefer
1993 Doris Howard
1992 Suzanna Rose