The Vitamin F Fund

Ensuring AWP’s Future: The Vitamin F Fund


Think about what AWP has meant to you: an intersectional feminist organization challenging the dominant discourses that marginalize and oppress; a forum for presenting and learning cutting-edge research, theory, and practice; a place for new feminists to grow with mentorship and sponsorship; opportunities for leadership at all stages of life; a community of friends and colleagues that we call family. Why do you love AWP? 

AWP has filled these roles for over 50 years by building on a strong legacy of developing new frameworks and implementing what we learn. We connect through our annual conference, our regional groups, our topical and identity caucuses, and our electronic newsletter. We change the world through scholarship, activism, and building feminist capacity in our members. We make a difference – for inspiration, watch (anew or again)! 

AWP has worked hard to maintain longevity while keeping membership dues and conference fees low to promote accessibility. But in uncertain times, how can we also shore up our financial stability? How can we support new opportunities to grow our membership and increase our impact as an organization?  

To address these challenges, AWP has established the Vitamin F Fund, coordinated by a Financial Sustainability subcommittee of the Fundraising Committee. This committee will seek new sources of income and invest them strategically in socially responsible funds. Initially, Vitamin F will serve as a contingency fund, but we anticipate that the returns will provide support for strategic projects to better fulfill our mission.  

We urge you to join our efforts! Building on the Legacy Circle and Laura Brown’s generous 50th-anniversary donor match, we are seeking donations from current members and supporters. Donations are tax-deductible. Funds donated to the Legacy Circle, both cash donations and bequests, will be included in the Vitamin F Fund.  Those who make a gift to the Vitamin F Fund are members of the Legacy Circle.  

In honor of our first year, our fundraising target is “$21,000 in 2021”: with the reduced expenses of the 2021 conference, you can help us kickstart this effort and feel some of that Vitamin F energy! Click on the “Donate” button and indicate “Vitamin F Fund,” or follow instructions for donating by check. To learn more, contact Karol Dean at  

Watch the Newsletter for exciting news about donor match offers and fund progress through the year. Thank you for helping AWP stay Vitamin F Strong!