Presenter Resources


Information about the AWP 2024 Virtual Platform (WHOVA)


This year, we are using WHOVA as our conference platform. Attendees are encouraged to watch this brief video to learn more about the app, desktop and browser options.

Instructions for downloading the AWP platform will be e-mailed to registrants.

Presenters who require accommodations (e.g., ASL Interpreters) to present should denote their needs directly to
For additional assistance or technology questions, e-mail


Speaker and Presenter Pages

Speakers and presenters will have an opportunity to customize their Speaker page on the AWP platform. Instructions will be provided via e-mail with instructions for customizing speaker bio, personal weblinks and a photo. 


Presentation Formats

Workshop - Workshops are designed to share skills, knowledge, and/or experience in research, issue-oriented, or learning/practice areas. Workshops will last 50 minutes and should be live, interactive sessions. 

Symposium - Panel presentations of up to 3 papers, grouped together regarding a shared topic of interest. Sessions must include a chair who will facilitate the session and may also have a discussant. Sessions will be 50 minute live sessions with time available for participant Q&A. Presenter notes:  Limit your individual talk to 10 minutes, as time is shared and limited

Structured Discussion - These are live, 50-minute facilitated dialogues designed to bring together those working on similar problems, issues, or concepts to discuss new ideas and to engage in problem-solving. Presenters share their ideas and facilitate group discussion. Most of the time should be audience participation.

Poster - Posters can be presented as a 5 minute pre-recorded video. The authors will upload the posters prior to the conference and their poster presentations will be available to view online throughout the conference. Additionally, the poster author(s) should be available for the 50-minute Q&A period during the evening poster session on Friday. Instructions for uploading videos will be provided directly to poster presenters via email shortly.

Lightning Talk (Abbreviated Paper Presentations) - This is a 7-Minute, live presentation of theoretical issues, research data, clinical case material, treatment methods, program descriptions, etc. The conference organizers will group up to 5 presentations on similar topics in a 50 minute session including time for Q&A.


Live Presentation Recommendations

Each session will be provided with a Zoom meeting link in which the presenter(s) will function as host(s). Presenters will have technology support present to facilitate the presentation. 

General tips:

  • Practice with any co-presenters to discuss transitions, divide slides, and determine who will manage the slideshow (if you plan on using one)

  • Plan on engaging the audience by looking at the camera rather than your screen and planning opportunities for participants to engage with session leaders, each other, and/or materials

  • Test your microphone to ensure that attendees can hear you clearly and consistently

  • Examine your environment, to ensure that what viewers see behind you does not distract from your presentation

  • Identify any distractions, such as sounds, voices, or settings that can interrupt your session or the listening experience

  • Plan to close out any other software, programs, or applications that are not related to your presentation to prevent lags or confusion while presenting

  • Consider utilizing breakout groups, shared documents, polls, or other tools available within Zoom to facilitate engagement. Tutorials and helpful links are available to offer ideas and guidance. 

Helpful tutorial links for presenting on Zoom:

Sharing your screen on Zoom

Utilizing breakout rooms for small group engagement

Using live polls in Zoom