Overarching Schedule


We're excited to share with you the time slots for your presentations at AWP in March. 
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The full schedule, with wellness activities, meals, reception information, and other goodies will be available later on. We thank you in advance, both for submitting and sharing your work with us and for your understanding that we are unable to make changes to the schedule.


We look forward to seeing you in Austin!


Sharon & Debra (co-organizers), Emily & Maureen (program committee)


Please review our overarching schedule of events so you can plan your travel and extra-conference activities around our events. The pre-conference workshop descriptions are on the registration website.

Note that poster sessions will take place concurrently with our Friday and Saturday evening receptions, with the hope of enlivening poster conversations over food and drink. We hope to be able to support 36 students with reduced registration through volunteering for the conference and to help those interested in matching with roommates to share the cost of a room. Check out the registration page for where to apply.

We also want to create a dinner plan and meet-ups for Friday and Saturday night before our evening entertainment which we are very excited about. Finally, the papers and symposia submitted have been amazing and you will find your time slot in the Google doc above.

Thanks to all of you who submitted your outstanding work for consideration. Feel free to email us with additional questions at awpaustin2020@yahoo.com



Registration starts at 8 AM
Pre-Conference Workshops 8:30-12
Pre-Conference Workshops 1:00-4:30
5-6:30 Welcome Reception in the interior courtyard, weather permitting
8:00-10:00 pm Disability, Sex, and Sexuality: Film & Discussion (free)

 Note that the Women of Color Caucus is presenting a workshop led by Dr. Beverly Greene on Thursday afternoon. One doesn’t need to pre-register for this workshop as one does for the other pre-conference workshops. The presenters will be taking $25 per person at the door and nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. Departing from previous conferences, this pre-conference workshop invites White Women to also attend. There will be a separate White Women Unlearning Racism event later in the conference as well.

Having the Talk and Walking the Walk: Exploring Sequelae of State-Sponsored Violence Against Black Americans and Implications for Mental Health.   Considerations for Psychotherapy. 

Dr. Beverly Greene,  Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, Professor of PsychologyChristina Pasley-Bailey,  Associate Director of Administration for Interdisciplinary Programs, Rutgers University; Dr. Frances Trotman, Licensed Practicing Psychologist and Professor of Psychology,(Retired) Monmouth University; Alicia Parker, Detective Lt. Cmdr, NYC Police Force (Retired),  Founding Director of Security, ESPN Communications Worldwide(Retired).

The presenters will explore the complex realities and psychological challenges confronting Black families in the continued nightmare of state-sponsored violence expressed in police brutality and disproportionate Black deaths that result. They will discuss the psychological challenges to optimal mental health that historical and contemporary African American families face. A particular focus is on women who face as wives/partners of Black men and mothers of black children, particularly Black boys in the face of continued police brutality and the structured genocide of widespread incarceration. 


Registration starts at 8 AM
Breakfast served
8:30- 10:30 Opening and Keynote Speaker, Loretta Ross, on Reproductive Justice
10:45-12 Paper Sessions
10:45-12 Walk to State House for Women in Texas Politics tour
12-1:15 New Member Lunch
1:15-2:15 Paper Sessions
2:30-3:45 Paper Sessions
4-5:00 Paper sessions
5:30-7 Reception with Posters, Book signings
8:30-11 Entertainment



Registration starts at 8 AM
Breakfast served
8:30- 10:30 Plenary session on Sexual Agency and Neoliberalism: Laina Bay-Cheng, Alexandra Rutherford, and Deborah Tolman
10:45-12 Paper Sessions
12-1:15 Lunch break
1:15-2:15 Paper Sessions
2:30-3:45 Paper Sessions
4-5:00 Paper sessions
5:00-6:30 Poster session with light refreshments
8:00-8:45 Entertainment: Comedian Carina Magyar
8:45-11:30 D.J. Shani and dance party



Registration starts at 8 AM
8:30-9:45 Paper Sessions
10:00-11:15 Paper Sessions
11:30-12:30 Closing Ceremony