Call for Proposals

Conference Coordinators:
Katherine Bogen & Tiffany O'Shaughnessy

AWP is a diverse feminist community of psychologists and allied professionals invested in the integration of personal, professional, and political power in the service of social justice. We challenge unexamined privilege and dominant discourses that marginalize and oppress within psychology and the wider society. AWP accomplishes this by promoting feminist scholarship, teaching, practice, and networking, and through mentoring, activism, and influencing public policy.


ACTIVISM/RESISTANCE/RESILIENCE: The 2021 conference will be focused on social activism. Our invited speakers will inspire members to think deeply and critically about racial and social justice, as well as systems that impede social progress and/or cause harm to marginalized communities. We will begin on Friday afternoon, with an opening session and caucus meetings. Saturday and Sunday will open with social hours and wellness sessions, followed by exciting Keynote presentations to kick off our two full days of conference events which will include lightning talks, workshops, structured discussions, and symposia. The conference will also include poster sessions and networking opportunities, as well as our traditional feminist forum before closing.




Contact Program Co-Chairs: Mary Zahm and Kayla Weiner

The Full Call for Proposals is here.


Our mission statement describes our investment in the integration of personal, professional, and political power in the service of social justice. AWP has worked for years to challenge unexamined privilege and dominant discourses that marginalize and oppress individuals and groups within psychology and the wider society and yet much work remains. In keeping with our mission, this conference will focus on what we believe to be the most relevant theme of our time - Doing Anti-Racism Work and Addressing Intergenerational Trauma.

Highlighted Sub-Themes

  • Feminism, Science, and Justice
  • Responses to Pandemic, Poverty, and Police Violence
  • Anti-Racism and Feminist Activism
  • Systemic Obstacles to Equality:  White Supremacy and Capitalism
  • Mental & Physical Repercussions of Slavery and Colonialism
  • Racism as a Health Crisis: Macro and Microaggressions
  • Economic Justice, Global Health, and Decolonization
  • Self-Care and Sustaining the Movement: Joy, Pleasure, and Community Building
Those with research or content that does not directly address this theme are invited to submit their work. We also hope that researchers who are presenting content that does not directly align with the theme will discuss the diversity implications of their work and highlight future directions for research that address systemic inequities.




Proposals for AWP 2021 may be submitted for the following types of presentations:

  • Workshop - Workshops are designed to share skills, knowledge, and/or experience in research, issue-oriented, or learning/practice areas. Workshops will last 50 minutes and should be live, interactive sessions.

  • Symposium - Panel presentations of up to 3 papers, grouped together regarding a shared topic of interest. Sessions must include a chair who will facilitate the session and may also have a discussant. Sessions will be 50 minutes and may be either live or pre-recorded with time available for participant Q&A.

  • Structured Discussion - These are live, 50-minute facilitated dialogues designed to bring together those working on similar problems, issues, or concepts to discuss new ideas and to engage in problem-solving. Presenters share their ideas and facilitate group discussion. Most of the time should be audience participation.

  • Poster - Posters can be presented as either an annotated PDF or a 60-second pre-recorded video. The authors will upload the posters prior to the conference and will be available to view online throughout the conference. Additionally, the poster author(s) should be available for the 50-minute Q&A period during the Saturday evening social hour.

  • Lightning Talk (Abbreviated Paper Presentations) - This is a 7-Minute, pre-recorded video presentation of theoretical issues, research data, clinical case material, treatment methods, program descriptions, etc. Presenters will upload their video ahead of the conference, and the conference organizers will group up to 5 presentations on similar topics in a 50 minute session including time for Q&A.

Full details about how to prepare for and present in the virtual conference will be sent to all accepted presenters. If presenters opt for a pre-recorded video presentation, it should be finalized with closed captioning. Presenters should plan to upload supplemental notes to poster presentations in advance of the conference. Tech support for creating presentation materials using captioning technology will be available.  Accessibility coordinators will also be available throughout the conference to ensure that each session has appropriate support. Tech and accessibility coordinators may be reached at:  


Proposals can be submitted online beginning on September 15th, 2020. Submissions will be accepted through October 21st (Extended to: October 31st!)  Please limit to 2 presentations per person, except poster submissions. To submit go HERE
All submission must include:
  • The contact information for all presenters
  • 250-500-word abstract describing the session with scholarly references to be used for peer review. (For symposia, you must also include a 50 word abstract for each individual paper.)
  • 50-word brief abstract describing the session to be used in the conference program
  • If you would like your presentation or workshop to be considered for CE credits, you will be able to indicate this interest on the submission portal.


Kayla Weiner and Mary Zahm (Co-Chairs of Program Committee)
Katherine Bogen and Tiffany O'Shaughnessy, (Conference Co-Coordinators) 
Conference Collective Members: Alex Agiliga, Julien Almonte, Paula Baker, Jess Barnack-Tavlaris, Megan Carpenter, Lynn Collins, Karol Dean, Rachel Dyer, Mindy Erchull, Samantha Kovach,  Sharon Lamb, Nicole Lozano, Ilene Magee, Daniella Navarrete, Leanne Parker, Noelany Pelc, Claudia Pitts, Kat Quina, Kate Richmond, Lisa Scott, Christine Smith, Leonore Tiefer


The Program Committee is recruiting individuals to assist them in reviewing the proposals submitted for possible inclusion in the 2021 Program. To volunteer, sign into (or create) your AWP account at, go to proposal reviews, and select three areas of expertise.