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Decolonizing Feminist Psychology Resilience ~ Healing ~ Embodiment


Decolonizing Feminist Psychology: Resilience, Healing & Embodiment
49th Annual Conference of the Association for Women in Psychology

March 7-10, 2024 | Online Virtual Conference



(Download a PDF Version of the CFP Here)

AWP was started with an acknowledgment that the field of psychology often overlooked feminist principles and minimized the realities of people marginalized by sexism. White men were, and at times, continue to be, touted as the primary developers of psychological knowledge and expertise. As feminists, we know that the history of our field is much broader, and was developed not only by people of all genders, but by people from all over the world, including indigenous folks and those from the global south, whose contributions have been overlooked and/or purposefully excluded. This year, we aim to expand AWP’s pursuit of critical psychology through our theme, Decolonizing Feminist Psychology: Resilience, Healing & Embodiment. Through this theme, we hope to encourage programming that highlights means of decolonizing psychology; enhancing our critical view of the eurocentrist, White supremacist, patriarchy we have all inherited and empowering us to dismantle it within ourselves and within our society, so that we may move towards resilience and healing.
Decolonization is a project that involves building our awareness of how the values of domination and colonization have influenced our field, our work, and our lives. It requires that we understand and honor the contributions of indigenous wisdom and cultural practices developed outside of “the west.” Specifically, we intend to highlight such wisdom and practices that de-center patriarchal norms like individuality, intellectualization, and mind-body separation, instead centering those that enable connection and embodiment as forms of healing. We encourage presentations that reckon with culture and context, oppression and domination, and liberation and joy. Furthermore, as we plan for this virtual conference, we hope to develop programming that allows attendees to feel centered, connected, and celebrated in their wholeness, despite attending through a screen.
Highlighted Areas of Focus:

  • Approaches to Resiliency-building and healing work outside of traditional clinical practice (self-work, community healing, narrative formation, etc.)
  • Decolonizing and liberatory feminist approaches to research and scholarship, pedagogy, teaching, clinical practice, and advocacy
  • Embodied, somatic, and contextual practices to facilitate healing
  • Cultural trauma, including gender-based and other oppression-based violence
  • Theoretical contributions to the science of the mind-body relationship and embodiment
  • Transnational, indigenous, and feminisms of the global majority
  • Culturally-grounded positive psychology, joy, healing, connection, liberation
All proposals related to feminist psychology are welcome and will be reviewed. If your proposal does not directly address one of the subthemes listed above, please discuss the relevance of your work to the broader conference theme or to liberatory feminisms in general.
Proposals may be submitted for the following types of presentations:
Workshop - 50 minutes, interactive sessions. Designed to share skills, knowledge, and/or experience in research, issue-oriented, or learning/practice areas.
Structured Discussion – 50-80-minute facilitated dialogues to bring together those working on similar problems, issues, or concepts to discuss new ideas and to engage in problem-solving. Presenters share their ideas and facilitate group discussion.
Symposium - 50 minutes, up to 3 presentations, grouped together regarding a shared topic of interest. Sessions must include a chair who will facilitate the session and may also have a discussant. Time should be made available for Q+A.
Individual Papers -12 minutes. Presentation of theoretical issues, research data, clinical case material, treatment methods, program descriptions, etc. Three individual papers will be grouped together by the program committee on similar themes.  The 50-minute session should include time for Q+A.
Lightning Talk - 7-minute presentation of theoretical issues, research data, clinical case material, treatment methods, program descriptions, etc. The conference organizers will group up to 5 presentations on similar topics in a 50-minute session including time for Q+A.
Poster – Poster author(s) should be available for the 50-minute Q+A period.


Please limit to 2 first-author presentations per person.
[Submission Portal has Closed] Proposals can be submitted online beginning on October 2, 2023. Submissions will be accepted through November 12, 2023.  
All submissions must include:
  • Contact information for all presenters
  • Title of your session
  •  250-500-word abstract describing the session (for symposia, you must also include a 50-word abstract for each individual paper/presentation)
  •  50-word brief abstract describing the session to be used in the conference program
  • If you are submitting a proposal for a symposium, workshop, or structured discussion, and at least one of the presenters has a Ph.D., we encourage you to submit your proposal for CEU eligibility. In that case, you would need to also submit:
    • Three peer-reviewed research articles on your topic from the last 10 years
    • Three learning objectives for your participants (see guidance here)
    • The CV of the presenter who has a Ph.D


Proposals will be accepted on the basis of masked review. Notification of acceptance or rejection of program proposals will be made to the corresponding author by the end of December 2023. The corresponding author has the responsibility to inform co-authors.

Questions about the call for proposals?
Email Programming Chair Elyssa Klann
Email Conference Chair Katie Bogen



All presenters are required to register for the conference. Registration will be available online from the 2024 Conference link on the AWP website at: starting in November 2023. Register by Friday, February 2, 2024, to receive early registration rates. 




The Program Committee is recruiting individuals to assist them in reviewing the proposals submitted for possible inclusion in the 2024 Program. To volunteer, sign into (or create) your AWP account at (click "Member Login" in the upper right corner), scroll down to "Proposal Review," and select three areas of expertise under the AWP 2024: Decolonizing Feminist Psychology: Resilience, Healing & Embodiment section.