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Picture of AWP's website with the words            Picture of finger pointing at the blue logo with white script of Whova - Text: Step #2 Download Whova - Download the whova app on your phone or computer, this will allow you to access full conference features including the community board          

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Welcome to the AWP 2021 First Virtual Annual Conference!


This is the first year that we will be hosting a virtual conference, and are excited that you have chosen to join us. We hope that you will find meaningful ways to connect with others, in ways that are familiar and some that are new. As with any new endeavors, we anticipate some growing pains, but have been working diligently to make the new virtual experience a rich and diverse experience. 


What are some of the unanticipated benefits of a virtual conference?

Given that many of our presentations will be pre-recorded you will be able access a variety of sessions and materials during and after the conference has ended. 

  • Continue interacting with our exhibitors several weeks after the conclusion of the conference.

  • Utilize the WHOVA app to send messages to colleagues and to make new connections during and after the conference.

  • Re-visit sessions that may be occurring concurrently. You can go back and view pre-recorded sessions that you may have otherwise missed. 

  • Manage your time with flexibility and attend sessions at your pace, and over a period of time that works for you. 

While we wish we could see everyone in person, we are hopeful about offering greater flexibility during the conference experience. 


How to log in

Click Here to Access Whova on your Computer            Click Here to Download the Whova App

It's important to know that your experience on Whova will be a little different depending on whether you access it via a web-browser (e.g., using your laptop) or via the app (e.g., using your phone or tablet). We recommend downloading Whova on your mobile phone app, and on your computer, to give you the most flexibility.
Purple background with text Whova Desktop vs. App AWP 2021 For our first ever virtual conference, you have the choice of accessing conference programming from the whova movile app, your desktop, or both. Laptop features: larger screen, easier notetaking, access through link, no downloads needed; App, picture of phone features, more portable, set up notifications, share content easily to social media

You can get more detailed information about using the Whova app at: 

Our Media Team has made the following instructional videos to help you navigate Whova:


I downloaded WHOVA but I don’t have an Invitation Code to join the AWP Conference

Registered presenters and attendees received an e-mail with their invitation code. If you did not, please reach out to for assistance. 


How do I navigate the schedule?

Once you download the app, you will be able to view the full electronic program, save the sessions you are interested in attending and create your own itinerary. You can also view the full conference schedule by clicking here


I need help. Who do I contact?

If you have general conference questions, please e-mail:

For technology questions, please e-mail: